I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship as a student here: it made all the difference in making sure I could finish my studies. Also, knowing there were people in Nottingham’s alumni community who chose to invest in my future was an inspiration. Being an Ambassador for our first ever Nottingham Ambition Giving Day and spreading the word around our alumni networks will lead to more support and more help for more students here. And the different causes for this Day highlight how UoN goes beyond ordinary in lots of different ways – let’s celebrate it, be extraordinary and share – this Day has something for everyone to be inspired by!

Zach Jones, Geography 2018

UoN holds a special place in my heart – it brought me knowledge, joy, growth, adventure, and the most wonderful memories and friendships! Providing future generations with the same foundational opportunities, experiences and support is so important, and something I could not be prouder to be an Ambassador for. Let's celebrate all the wonderful moments UoN has given us, and taken us to, by sharing our stories and spreading the word on June 14, the centenary of the laying of the Trent Building Foundation Stone and arguably the heart and soul of University Park Campus! The Day’s causes are about helping people realise their potential, encouraging ambitious ideas and providing vital support – I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve!

Sze-Von Lam, English 2015