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You can help us make our next medical breakthrough, faster

We have a history of world-changing innovation in medical research at the University of Nottingham. From the development of MRI, to leading research on antimicrobial resistance, to life-changing work in our cancer research centres, there is so much to be proud of. 

Our researchers are dedicated to finding solutions to the global challenges that face us all – your support can help make that a reality. 

Your support can fund groundbreaking mental health research

Stephen Jackson, Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology at the University of Nottingham, explains how your generous gift will help new research that could be effective in treating potentially life-changing brain disorders.

“Did you know that mental health and brain health issues affect millions of people around the world?

“In the UK, the NHS is overwhelmed with the numbers of people that they are trying to help, with only 25% of those requiring treatment receiving it. Building on Sir Peter Mansfield's groundbreaking MRI developments at our university 50 years ago, we're now using MRI to provide solutions for those living with such conditions.

“You may have seen the trial we recently undertook with a wearable wrist device, Neupulse which works by delivering electrical pulses to the brain. It was trialled by singer and musician Lewis Capaldi when he visited our university before playing in Nottingham this year.

“We think this non-evasive technology could be effective in treating other brain disorders in the near future, such as Parkinson's disease, tremor, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD and anxiety.”

How you can help

With your help this Giving Day, we can make strides to our next medical breakthrough. You can have an impact on the lives of people living with mental health disorders. They make up a huge amount of people in our population who aren't getting the help that they deserve.

Your donations will enable us to bring in more PhD student and post-doctoral researchers, who are paramount in pushing this revolutionary work forward on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you for everything that you do to empower our research.

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