Scholarships for disadvantaged students

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You can help a student say yes to their place at Nottingham

A place at university can transform a young person’s world. But too many bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds find barriers are in their way.

We believe that talented students should not miss out on a place at Nottingham because of where they come from or how much money they have. A scholarship could be the difference between lost potential and a future doctor, teacher or scientist.

Donate today and you can help students from all backgrounds say yes to their university dream and follow in your footsteps at Nottingham.

Your gift will support students like Melissa

Melissa studied Law with American Law at Nottingham and graduated in July 2023. Thanks to the support of a scholarship, Melissa was able to fully immerse herself into university life at Nottingham.

“My scholarship honestly did change my life and my experience at Nottingham. Without the scholarship, I would have needed paid work so I wouldn't have been able to get legal work experience or have been able to do volunteering. When I was at college, I used to work 30 hours a week alongside my studies and I thought that was normal. All my friends did too, so it was a surprise when I came to university and realised that it isn't what everyone does.

“Having the scholarship meant I could really focus on getting involved in all the volunteering projects, talks and events you need to do to become a barrister. If I was working part-time like before, I would have missed out on these crucial experiences.”

Thanks to alumni like you, Melissa could take a leading role in the Bar society as President and promote diversity and inclusion at the Bar (the collective term for barristers).

“I was able to use my experience as someone who is from a working-class background to help other students – something I would not have had time to do, without the scholarship.

“I feel incredibly lucky to receive support from alumni like you as it has opened so many doors that I could never have imagined. As a first-year law student I was frightened about coming to university and I genuinely would never have pictured myself in the position I am in now.”

How you can help

You can make a real difference to the lives of bright prospective students, giving them the confidence and financial support they need to choose Nottingham, whatever their background.

Give the gift of education and help students like Melissa experience the same Nottingham education you did.

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