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You can help a student say yes to their place at Nottingham

A place at university can transform a young person’s world. But too many bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds find barriers are in their way.

We believe that talented students should not miss out on a place at Nottingham because of where they come from or how much money they have. A scholarship could be the difference between lost potential and a future doctor, teacher or scientist.

Donate today and you can help students from all backgrounds say yes to their university dream and follow in your footsteps at Nottingham.

Your gift will support students like Alice

25-year-old Alice is a first-year Midwifery student. With a demanding university schedule of up to 40 hour weeks, a part-time job simply wouldn't be possible. But thanks to a scholarship, Alice can buy important equipment for her course without having to get a part-time job or ask her mum for financial help.

It’s all thanks to you that bright students like Alice have been able to join the university’s community and focus on their education without worrying about financial hardship. For Alice, studying midwifery at Nottingham is a dream come true that alumni like you have helped make possible.

“I really wanted to come to Nottingham. It was a real ‘shoot for the stars’ opportunity, so when I heard I had been offered a place, I just couldn’t believe it. I felt really lucky, not only to get a space on the course, but to also receive the scholarship as well.

“You may not realise just how much your generosity can impact someone like me. Without this support, I wouldn’t have been able to afford my rent and travel, which meant I would have needed to take out loans and end up in even more debt when I leave university. Just easing that burden is like a constant sigh of relief.”

How you can help

You can make a real difference to the lives of bright prospective students, giving them the confidence and financial support they need to choose Nottingham, whatever their background.

Give the gift of education and help students like Alice experience the same Nottingham education you did.

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